I am an entertainment professional living in the east village in NYC & my shoppe started as my relaxing fun hobby & became a passion!

I really like things that remind me of people & places that I love as well as movies & my favorite cinema stars & fashion models : ) I have always loved both costume jewelry & old movies growing up🎥I used to get dragged to yard sales as a kid by my super feminist mom, who collected depression glass & she’d give me a nickel or a quarter to keep me busy...I’d always buy ✨BLING✨ She did't even wear makeup until her 40's (when she let me finally put it on her! thankfully was never offended by how different we were when I dawned lipstick & pearls by age Seven! As a career Starmaker, the old black & white films I watched on New York's old channel 11 (the only channel we got in VT back then) on weekends have had a huge influence on the choices and direction & advice I have given in my 30 year fashion & talent management career 😎 What started here on Etsy as a stress relieving hobby in a sometimes thankless industry, has turned into not only passion but a profitable business! & I am having a great time curating and sourcing cinematic jewelry & styles that I think are ready to re-trend, are timeless or just might tell your story as they do mine or that special someone’s 💗 Thank you for visiting my Etsy Shoppe. I also have an ETSY supported Store with an even larger selection as it includes new Jewelry @ www.mysoulrepair.com 🌿

Our Studio & home is a 15 + year smoke free environment- we do; however, have a rescue bunny named moxie 🐰FivebunniesbyMoxie.com